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“I am a pediatrician and the founder of Complete Kids Care. More importantly I am the mom of two beautiful kids. As a working mom, choosing a place for your kids to be taken care of is one of the most agonizing decisions that you have to make. I recall taking my kids – one as a toddler, the other just an infant – to a large, well-known daycare center. It was big and beautiful with lots of toys and resources but something was missing. That something was the close contact and face-to-face relationship I wanted my kids to be able to have with their care taker. I wanted the care taker to understand the meaning of every one of my child’s facial and body expressions in order to meet their needs. That is why I decided to build a small nurturing day care with small rooms that would prevent your children from getting lost in the crowd. At Complete Kids Care, this classroom structure allows your children to have constant face-to-face contact with their care taker. If your child becomes ill, the care taker will contact the parent immediately and permission can be obtained to take the child to see the pediatrician 50 steps away.”

Dr. Xenia Cabey-Molinar