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Our Programs

Infants (6 weeks - 12 months)

Our Infant program ensures that babies receive the personal one on one attention that they need in order to develop trust for the world around them. Infants are held, cuddled, talked to, sang to and books to throughout the day. We work closely with parents to develop each infant's daily schedule. Flexibility with infants is key and our staff understands and appreciates this fact. Parents are kept informed of their child's activity through a daily sheet that shows meal times, nap times and their childs likes and dislikes.

1 Year

When children begin walking on their own they graduate to our One’s Room. At this age, children develop a greater independence, but still have a strong need for one on one affection and attention. Young Toddlers are encouraged to explore and discover new things with guidance and encouragement from staff. At this age, a more structured schedule is also introduced. This helps children feel more secure by providing them with a sense of time and expectation of things to come. Our One’s Room is equipped with age-appropriate toys and activity centers so each child is fully engaged and enjoying each day. Books of all types will be read to your child daily, in order to provide your child with early exposure to written language.

2 Year

Our Two's room allows children more opportunity for growth and development through the use of activity centers and structured playtime. They receive the special attention and care in order to lay a solid foundation for future growth and learning. Circle time and teacher led activities also become a larger part of their daily schedule. Exposure to books continues to be a vital part of the learning process. Children will be invited to ask questions and make comments while being read to. This interactive reading activity has a dual purpose; to help children learn to associate written symbols with abstract ideas and to begin to nurture a love for reading that will enable them to embark on a journey of a lifelong learning. Greater independence emerges at this age and children are given opportunities to explore and learn with little interference. During playtime, sharing and cooperation with peers is strongly encouraged for the purpose of fostering important social skills. Daily activities will include identifying and naming familiar objects in order to encourage the use of speech. Another big milestone of this year is potty training. Our staff is well-trained in this area and work closely with parents to help their child reach this important goal.

3 Years

Children are encouraged to engage in both physically and mentally stimulating activities as he/she becomes more independent. Your child will become accustomed to the use of interactive media such as electronic devices and computer games for the development of skills in reading and mathematics. Children are provided with a variety of outdoor activities in order to instill the healthy values of a physically active lifestyle.


The Preschool Program at Complete Kids Care is exceptional. Our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental and social needs of children 4 and 5. Language Arts, Math, Music, and Science concepts are presented in fun and exciting ways that encourage self-discovery and confidence. The use of songs, games, and art projects ensure that children are learning in a fun and enriching environment. Participation in both physically and mentally stimulation activities continues to be emphasized. Children will be introduced to subjects such as geography, earth science, and astronomy. Further development of reading skills will be facilitated as children seek to learn more about these subjects. The goal of work in this age group is to provide children with the social and intellectual skills they will need to be successful in the structured classroom experiences they will experience in kindergarten and beyond.

Complete Kids Care

Classroom Ratios

Infant Room: One teacher to five children. (We only take five infants at Complete Kids Care).

One’s Room: One teacher for every four children.

Two's Room: One teacher for every eight children.

Preschool Rooms: Two teachers for nineteen students. We have two classrooms for this age-group. (Our Preschool teachers are degreed teachers)

*We have a lower child to teacher ratio. The center capacity only enrolls 40 children daily.

Our Staff

Tracy Blackman-Juanes: Infant Lead

Hi, my name is Tracy Blackman-Juanes.  I have been an instructor here at Complete Kids Care since December 2001.  I have been working with kids for over 30 years!  I enjoy their warm hugs & the things they say and do.  I enjoy working here at CKC because of its family feel and small setting.  It always brings a smile to my face to see the children come back after they have graduated from our Preschool Program.

I have over 100 hours in early childhood development training and continue my knowledge of children with Complete Kids Care.

I have lived in Arizona most of my life.  I enjoy reading & traveling and exploring the great outdoors on a nice day.  I also like collecting angels and doing beading.  I’m the afternoon Infant Teacher here at Complete Kids Care.

Trinidad Lugo: 2’s Lead

Hi, my name is Trinidad Lugo. I have been an instructor here at Complete Kids Care since May of 2006. What I like most about working here are the children. They are so much fun. I love meeting new kids and getting to know their own unique personalities and skills.  What I like most about Complete Kids Care is the child to teacher ratios and the building capacity is much lower than most centers.

I have taken over 60 hours in early childhood development training.

I was born in Cd. Juarez Chihuahua, Mexico. I have been living in Arizona since 1987.  I’ve been married since 1993; I have two kids, Crystal and Miguel. We love to go to the park to play baseball and have fun as a family. Our family pets include a Labrador and a Chihuahua. In my spare time I like to color, sing, clean and playing ball.